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marion - Mobile, autonomous, cooperative robots in complex supply chains

The project marion is being supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) and addresses the optimisation of supply chains by incorporating mobile machines that perform the realisation, as far as possible, autonomously and cooperatively. [more information on marion]

SOGRO - Instant rescue at big accident with masses of casualties

The project SOGRO is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) with the aim to research new approaches for saving as many people as possible and to treat injured people optimally at a big accident with hundreds of casualties. The first, mostly chaotic phase until the transportation of injured people to hospitals shall be reduced. [more]


OEPI - Solution and Services Engineering for Measuring, Monitoring, and Management of Organizations' Environmental Performance Indicators

The OEPI project will provide a platform which enables its users to determine the environmental performance indicators for products and services they are offering. [more information on OEPI]

OSAMI - Open Source Ambient Intelligence

Complex services on local systems for control of devices or processing of ambient conditions and other measurements enable the creation of sophisticated applications in different domains. The R&D project ... [more information on OSAMI]

SANITAS - Safe Systems basing on a consistent verification along the whole supply chain

The goal of this project is to strengthen the competitiveness of German companies by strengthening flexible automation and, at the same time, increasing their security. [more information on SANITAS]

TIMMO-2-USE - Timing model - TOols, algorithms, languages, methodology, USE cases

The predominant parts of today's innovations on automobiles are driven by electronics and software.  These are highly complex network-based electronic systems, whose innovations and quality strongly depend on the reaction time and the timing of software driven ... [more information on TIMMO-2-USE]

VERDE - VERification-oriented & component-based model Driven Engineering for real-time embedded systems

With rising complexity of software-intense real-time embedded systems, the conception of these systems is facing ever new challenges. At the same time, demands for quality and lower time-to-market are rising at high speed.  [more information on VERDE]


HaptiMap - Haptic, Audio and Visual Interfaces for Maps and Location Based Services

The goal of the HaptiMap project is the fundamental embedding of the accessible design concept in mainstream maps and local based services (lbs) to significantly increase the mobility of the elderly ... [more information on HaptiMap

MonAMI - Mainstreaming on AMbient Intelligence

Services provided by digital TV, mobile telephones and the Internet will support daily tasks and increase quality of life for elderly in their home environment. MonAMI will demonstrate how ... [more information on MonAMI]

Theseus - Use Case ALEXANDRIA: Novel internet-based knowledge infrastructure for tomorrow's service and knowledge society

New forms of knowledge creation, knowledge searching and knowledge sharing have gained strategic importance in the times of global competition. That is where the research project THESEUS, initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, sets in. Its objective is to develop a new internet-based knowledge infrastructure, which allows the better use of existing knowledge by means of new tools, services and business models. ... [more information on THESEUS]


BIS-Grid Internal Information Systems: Grid-based Integration and Orchestration

Grid-computing allows for the integration and usage of distributed resources (computer capacities). BIS-Grid will significantly augment the application potential for grid-technologies and make this technology  ... [more information on BIS-Grid]

COCONUT - A COrrect-by-CONstrUcTion Workbench for Design and Verification of Embedded Systems

Design and verification of modern embedded platforms are two highly related problems which are still mainly addressed by using unrelated methodologies. This effectively reduces development productivity  ... [more information on COCONUT]

Hydra - Networked Embedded System middleware for Heterogeneous physical devices in a distributed architecture

The vision of the Hydra project is to create a widely deployed middleware for intelligent networked embedded systems that will allow producers to develop cost-effective and innovative embedded applications for ... [more information on Hydra]

R2B - Robot to Business

The research project R2B is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs (BMWi) and aims at the configuration of technical processes from comprehensive business processes to be executed ... [more information on R2B]


E-Cab - Electronically enabled Cabin and Associated Logistics for Improved Passenger Services and Operational Efficiency

As air travel has grown enormously over the last decades, the extended volume of passengers and the high complexity of airports have dramatically increased up to a point where travel quality is considerably  ... [more information on E-Cab] 

I2Home - Intuitive Interaction for Everyone with Home Appliances based on Industry Standards

The recent design and development of appliances, mobile phones and remote controls are driven by the ambition to satisfy users that are already familiar with modern technologies. This means, that many ... [more information on I2Home] - Business Transformation for Hybrid Value Adding Networks

The research project, which is funded by the BMBF, works in the field of business transformation for hybrid value adding networks. The project analyses the economic and organizational aspects of  ... [more information on] 

TIMMO - Timing Model

Due to the fact that more and more functionalities of automobiles are being realized through electronics and software, the complexity of the networked and embedded systems in the automobile industry ... [more information on TIMMO] 

wearIT@work - Empowering the mobile worker by wearable computing

WearIT@work is currently the biggest organized research effort in the area of wearable computing. Wearable computing describes the application of hard- and software which is worn like or integrated in clothing ... [more information on wearIT@work]



The main goal of the project D-LOMS as part of the ITEA project LOMS consists of significantly easing the development and deployment process for location-based services which is intended to be achieved ... [more information on D-LOMS] 

DySCAS - Dynamically Self-Configuring Automotive Systems

Future application scenarios for electronic vehicle systems include simultaneous access to a number of mobile devices that build ad-hoc networks with the built-in devices and utilize network-based . ... [more information on DySCAS] 

PLASTIC - Providing Lightweight and Adaptable Service Technology for pervasive Information and Communication

The core objective of the PLASTIC project is to enable the development and deployment of application services that are cost-effective both in terms of development and usage costs for Beyond 3G (B3G) ... [more information on PLASTIC] 

SMS - Simple Mobile Services

Mobile services have not matched the success of web-based services. There are many reasons for that: potential users cannot find the services they need, many services are too difficult to use, users do ... [more information on SMS]


BETSY - BEing on Time Saves energY

The EU-funded (IST FP6) project BETSY strives to create an infrastructure for the optimal configuration of mobile, battery operated devices displaying video streams in WLANs. The optimization should cover the ... 

[more information on BETSY]


Ziel von ENABLED ist Anwendungen und Technologien zu entwickeln, die Barrieren im Internet zu beseitigen bzw. zu vermeiden, um so blinden und sehbehinderten Menschen den Zugang zum Internet zu ... 
[more information on ENABLED] 


The Integrated Project (IP) EuQoS develops a flexible and secure framework for providing end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) in distributed, heterogeneous network environments. ... 
[more information on EuQos]


IMMOS - Integrated Methodology for Model-based Controller Development

Aim of the research project IMMOS is the definition of an integrated method for the model based development of control units. This method will merge the existing model-based techniques, especially ... 
[more information on IMMOS]

Simplicity - Secure, Internet-able, Mobile Platforms Leading Citizens Towards simplicity

The vision of Simplicity is to provide a simple and uniform access to network services for everyone - no matter which terminal or carrier network is used. Wireless communication systems beyond 3G ... 
[more information on Simplicity] 

SIRENA - Service Infrastructure for Real-time Embedded Networked Applications

The SIRENA project intends to create a service-oriented framework for specifying and developing distributed applications in diverse real-time embedded computing environments, including industrial ... 
[more information on SIRENA]

SNOW - Services for NOmadic Workers

The main objective of SNOW is to solve two main hurdles that prevent from a large-scale industrial diffusion of multimodal mobile documentation for maintenance operations: 1. How to author multimodal ... 
[more information on SNOW]

UBISEC - Ubiquitous Networks with a Secure Provision of Services, Access, and Content Delivery

UBISEC's mission is to address new business areas and technologies originating from the integration of public wide area networks (e.g., cellular, Internet), and private corporate and home/SOHO local area ... 
[more information on UBISEC]


HOLMS - High Speed Opto-Electronic Memory Systems - Opto-Electronic PCB

In computer architecture bandwidth and memory latency represent a major bottleneck. One possibility for solving these problems is the use of optical interconnections with their inherent capability for large ... 
[more information on HOLMS]

NOW - Utilisation of the Open-Source-concept in economy and industry

The potentials that Open Source Software provide in commercial employment have been emphasized in the press over and over again. Nevertheless most German companies have a reserved attitude ... 
[more information on NOW]

VirtoWeb - Virtual Forms of Organisation for Knowledge Based Processes in BioTech

VirtoWeb develops requirements of the biotechnology sector for virtualizing the sector's cooperative relationships with further highly specialized associates of this sector. In doing so the focus of the ... 
[more information on VirtoWeb]

VIVA - Grundlagen und Verfahren verlustarmer Informationsverarbeitung

The DFG priority program "Fundamentals and Procedures of Information Processing with Low Power Consumption" (VIVA) uses an asynchronous architecture as an analysis basis for minimizing power ... 
[more information on VIVA]



Mixed Reality (MR) - also known as 'augmented reality' (AR) - inserts in real time virtual 3D objects into video streams in such a way that the virtual objects appear like integral parts of the visible world. ... 
[more information on AMIRE]


The goal of this project is to develop a framework for new mobile devices that use augmented reality techniques to efficiently support end users during their daily tasks. ... 
[more information on AR-PDA]

EAST-EEA - Embedded Electronic Architecture

The need to most efficiently manage the constantly increasing complexity of electronically controlled functions in today's and future vehicles is evident. The goal of EAST-EEA is to enable a proper electronic integration ...  
[more information EAST-EEA]

GRASP - GRAphische Spezifikation und Echtzeitverifikation von Produktionsautomatisierungssysteme

GRASP integrates MFERT with visual representations and formal means for system verification. MFERT is a graphical language and methodology for the description and analysis of product information systems. ... 
[more information on GRASP]

MEMPHIS - Multilingual content for flexible format Internet premium services

The project MEMPHIS aims at developing ambitious Online Premium-Services being multilingual and independent of the end-user's platform. ... 
[more information on MEMPHIS]

OptiCon - Industrielle Produktionstechnik für Baugruppen mit integrierten optischen Kurzstreckenverbindungen

The objective of the "OptiCon" project is to develop inexpensive design and manufacturing methods for broad industrial application of innovative, electrical-optical interconnection technology on printed circuit boards. ... 
[more information on OptiCon]

PUSSEE - Paradigm Unifying System Specification Environments for Proven Electronic Design

PUSSEE focuses on the investigation of formal methods and tools for the refinement of virtual systems components in the area of electronic systems design. ... 
[more information on PUSSEE]



E-Colleg's goal was to develop enabling technologies for a collaborative Pan-European engineering environment. Based on C-LAB's tool integration technology ASTAI(R), partners at different European locations ...  
[more information on E-Colleg]


Events is a Computer Vision project dealing with the problem of generating a virtual point-of-view from a number of given camera signals from different perspectives. ... 
[more information on Events]


To increase productivity with a system model in microelectronics the consistent application of re-usable components (IP: Inell. Prop.) is indespensable. ... 
[more information on IPQ]

ViP-RoaM - The Future of Virtual Product Creation - Strategic Roadmap

ViP-RoaM is an "Accompanied Measure Project" to elaborate basic strategies and roadmaps for the next 5-10 years for further research and projects in the field of integrated processes in virtual product creation ... 
[more information on ViP-RoaM]



The target of this project is to implement an Internet marketplace for the electrotechnical industry. First the electrotechnical industry's requirements for marketplace platforms will be identified from various perspectives. ... 
[more information on B2B-ECOM]

IVIP - Innovative Software-Werkzeuge für eine neuartige Produktentstehung

The continuous digitalization of the product creation process is regarded as the key to  increased competitive ability. "Virtual" denotes the consistent digital product development spanning enterprises and locations. ... 
[more information on IVIP]

OptoSys - Optische Verbindungssysteme

In the project "Massively Parallel Optical Onboard and Intrasystem Interconnections for High-Performance Computers", which is part of the BMBF-funded research program "OptoSys", deals with the hot embossing-based manufacture of optical waveguides ... 
[more infomation on OptoSys]

VHE Middleware

The goal of the ITEA project Middleware for Virtual Home Environment  consists of the design, development and validation of a software infra-structure composed of cooperating services (e.g., middleware) for the residential/domestic domain. ... 
[more information on VHE Middleware]


DESS - Software Development Process for Real-Time Embedded Software Systems

The goal of the research project DESS (Software Development Process for Real-Time Embedded Software Systems) is to define an innovative object-oriented component based software development methodology for embedded real-time systems, ... 
[more information on DESS]

EOCB - Electrical-Optical Circuit Board

In the area of long-haul telecommunication technology optical communication links had almost completely substituted electrical data links. Also communication links for shorter distances, i.e.. for local area networks, are implemented by optical technologies. ... 
[more information on EOCB]

EVA - Design of Architecture Variants with Low Power Consumption

In the EVA project of the DFG priority program "Fundamentals and Procedures of Information Processing with Low Power Consumption" (VIVA) an asynchronous architecture is used as the analysis basis for minimizing power consumption. ... 
[more information on EVA]

HiQoS - High Performance Multimedia-Dienste mit Quality of Service Garantien

The goal of HiQoS is the implementation of platforms supporting high-performance net-based multimedia services, their corresponding development in form of prototypes, and their corresponding evaluation in real-world industrial applications. ... 
[more information on HiQoS]



The focus of the project ROXY (The Internet Live Initiative) was the creation, delivery, and presentation of interactive audio-visual multimedia information. ... 
[more information on ROXY]