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ViP-RoaM - The Future of Virtual Product Creation - Strategic Roadmap

ViP-RoaM is an "Accompanied Measure Project" to elaborate basic strategies and roadmaps for the next 5-10 years for further research and projects in the field of integrated processes in virtual product creation with focus on automotive and aerospace industry.
The project therefore has a long list of objectives: identify relevant technologies, promote collaboration, reduce risk in long-term research, provide a shared vision among stakeholders, explore opportunities and pathways to achieve it manage innovation: customer needs vs. technology push, etc. 
Requirements and opportunities are driven by the application area and the focus von Virtual Product Creation.

  • Automotive & aerospace industry
    Reduce time to market; Reduce costs (development & manufacturing & maintenance); Increase Safety ("Zero Accident Strategy"); Allow maximum customization/individualization of products; Increase "ecological friendliness" (low pollution, low noise,...)
  • Virtual product creation
    Complete virtual car/plane; No physical prototypes; Realistic simulation in any situation with complete environment
    Customer "designs" the product; Intelligent product model (what happens, if I change feature X?); Automatic process optimization

Project funded by: EU
Project duration: 06/2002 - 06/2003
Project partners: Fraunhofer IPK (D), Fiat Research Centre (I), European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company - CCR (NL), Siemens Business Services (D). In addition to the core-partners described above, a number of contributing partners are invited to participate and contribute to the workshops to support the project from the beginning: BAe Systems (GB), DaimlerChrysler (D) , Dassault Systemes (F), InMediasP (D), Poznan University (PL), ProSTEP (D), Renault (F), Siemens (D), SINTEF (NO), Technical University Darmstadt DiK (D), Tecnomatix (D), Volkswagen (D), and ZGDV – Center of Computer Graphics (D).
Contact: C-LAB