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DESS - Software Development Process for Real-Time Embedded Software Systems

The goal of the research project DESS (Software Development Process for Real-Time Embedded Software Systems) is to define an innovative object-oriented component based software development methodology for embedded real-time systems, to create supporting environments by integrating state of the art tools and to prove the appropriateness of the methodology by implementing several validation test cases DESS is a European project and has been assigned to the ITEA program. The contributions of the German partners are being funded within the framework of a BMBF Project.

Project funded by: BMBF
Project duration: 06/1999 - 05/2001
Project partners: Siemens (D), DaimlerChrysler (D), GMD-First (D), Universität Magdeburg (D), Universität Paderborn (D)
Contact: C-LAB
Dr. Matthias Weber, DESS Projectmanager