VHE Mid­dle­ware

The goal of the ITEA project Middleware for Virtual Home Environment consists of the design, development and validation of a software infra-structure composed of cooperating services (e.g., middleware) for the residential/domestic domain. This is done by particularly considering of the mobility users and their respective(thus also mobile) devices (e.g., cell phone, palm/pocket computers, PDAs, laptops,...). The project approaches this by advancing the required technologies in the domain of user-interfaces, security and integration of communication protocols (GMS, Powerline, IrDA, IEEE 802.11 and Bluetooth).

Project funded by: BMBF
Project duration: 07/2000 - 06/2002
Project partners: Bosch (D), Fujitsu-Siemens Computers (D), Nokia (D), Philips (D), Orga Kartensysteme (D), Siemens (D), Universität Paderborn (D), VTT Electronics (SF)
Contact: C-LAB