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TIMMO - Timing Model

Due to the fact that more and more functionalities of automobiles are being realized through electronics and software, the complexity of the networked and embedded systems in the automobile industry increases. TIMMO deals with the completion of real-time requirements in the development of networked and embedded automobile systems.

At this point in time, there is no universal infrastructure compatible with AUTOSAR that can already take these time restrictions into account during the modeling of systems with that level of complexity. This fact does not merely increase the cost of development, but also hinders the collaboration between automobile manufacturers and their suppliers.

Aim of this project is the development of a standardized infrastructure for the handling of time specifications during the development process for networked and embedded real-time systems in automobiles. The project provides the following three results: (1) a description language for time aspects in the development of automobile control units and networks (Embedded Systems), (2) a methodology for cross-company usage of this description language (Collaboration) (3) and a validation of the language by means of prototypical demonstrators.

Through the formal and standardized handling of time specifications, a continuous coverage and verification of real-time requirements will be made possible throughout the entire development process. Thereby the temporal behavior of a system can be analyzed at an early stage in its development. The early observance and analysis of the temporal behavior considerably contributes to the prevention of functional errors. Therefore it leads to an increase in quality and helps to significantly shorten the development process at the same time.

The C-LAB is an integral part of the description language's development, the methodology's elaboration and the project demonstrator’s creation.

Project funded by: BMBF
Project duration: 04/2007 - 09/2009
Project partners: Audi (D), Bosch (D), Chalmers University (S), Continental (D), ETAS (D), LORIA (F), PSA (F), Siemens IT Solutions & Services (D), Siemens VDO (D), Symtavision (D), TTTech (A), Universität Paderborn (D), Volvo Technology (S), Volkswagen (D), ZF Friedrichshafen (D)
Contact: Dr. Wolfgang Müller, C-LAB
Matthias Niemeyer, C-LAB
Project website: