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The focus of the project ROXY (The Internet Live Initiative) was the creation, delivery, and presentation of interactive audio-visual multimedia information. Tools for creating such services and for enabling the user to publish his/her own multimedia content were developed. In addition, prototypes of such services were run as trials. Roxy services are a convergence and combination of different media such as video conferences, "mediazines", and e-Learning. The platform is Internet, exploiting the new essential technology of multicasting. One of C-LAB's contributions was our "Quality-of-Services" technology to be applied for the delivery of such services. 

Project funded by: EU
Project duration: 09/1998 - 11/2000
Project partners: Siemens (D), Bertelsmann (D), Telia (S), Viewrope (S), UR (schwedisches Fernsehen) (S), Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (IGD) (D), CDT
Contact: Matthias Niemeyer, C-LAB
Ingemar Oja, ROXY Projectmanager