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SNOW - Services for NOmadic Workers

The central objective of SNOW is to overcome two main obstacles that prevent from a large-scale industrial diffusion of multimodal mobile documentation for maintenance operations: 

  • How to author multimodal mobile maintenance documentation?
  • How to exploit this documentation through robust interaction modalities?

SNOW will rely on existing or emerging telecommunication infrastructures to bolster direct access to maintenance documentation on various and difficult work situations, in situ report of operations, expertise projection, cross team communication and remote access to corporate knowledge databases.SNOW will offer full multimodal support and corresponding environments to help mobile workers to complete maintenance operations. This includes the definition of an XML based language for representing device independent multimodal documentation and a common standard-based user interface integration format for exploitation on mobile devices.The SNOW technology will be validated by developing a maintenance application for a real world scenario (repair, overhaul, and maintenance).Within this project C-LAB is responsible for the development and deployment of integration technology. Moreover, C-LAB's part is to implement a central component adapting device-independent multi-modal information. This component generates data which is needed for the representation on mobile end devices according to required modalities.

Project funded by: EU, STREP
Project duration: 10/2004 - 09/2006
Project partners: EADS (F), SAP (D), Siemens Business Services (D), Fraunhofer FIRST (D), Loquendo (I), Advanced Computer Vision (A), Technical University of Graz (A)
Contact: Siegfried Bublitz, C-LAB