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MEMPHIS - Multilingual content for flexible format Internet premium services

The project MEMPHIS (Multilingual content for flexible format Internet premium services) aims at developing ambitious Online Premium-Services being multilingual and independent of the end-user's platform. The approach is to translate acquired contents automatically between natural languages and to extract and convert the result according to the user's profile. C-LAB is working on XML-based solutions for the transformation of the contents, usability aspects, and the integration of all the software developed in the project. 

Project funded by: EU
Project duration: 04/2001 - 03/2004
Project partners: Siemens Business Services (D), arvato systems (Bertelsmann) (D), INFERENTIA'DNM (I), Universität Paderborn (D), DFKI (D), Universität St. Gallen (MCM) (CH), Universität Athen (GR)
Contact: Matthias Niemeyer, C-LAB
Dr. Malte Möhr, MEMPHIS Projectmanager