Hydra - Networked Embedded System middleware for Heterogeneous physical devices in a distributed architecture

The aim of the Hydra project is to create a flexibly applicable middleware for intelligent and networked embedded systems. Such middleware then allows to develop cost-effective and innovative applications for new and already existing devices.

In detail the project shall achieve the following:

  • Development of a service-oriented middleware, which underlying communication layer is transparent and incorporates the following aspects:
    • support of both centralized and decentralized components in the sense of an architecture for ambient intelligence
    • reflective properties to manage components
    • increase of security and consumer trust through respective components
  • Development of a generic, semantic, and model-based architecture to support the model-driven development of applications

C-LAB mainly works in the areas of wireless devices, requirement analysis and scenario development, business models and transfer of results of the Hydra project. 

By participating in Hydra, C-LAB hopes to develop innovative applications for numerous devices relying on the Hydra middleware. These applications may then be adapted to meet the requirements of target branches and target markets as well as of specific customers. 

The Siemens AG enhances its competencies for example in the areas of mobility and auto immune systems with newest research results and therewith can design customer-oriented applications for various devices.

Project funded by: EU
Project duration: 07/2006 - 12/2010

Project partners:

 Aarhus Universitet (DK), CNET SVENSKA AB (S), Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Angewandten Forschung e.V. (D), In-JET APS (DK), Innova S.P.A. (I), Siemens AG (D), T-Connect S.R.L. (I), Technicka Univerzita V Kosiciach (SK), Telefonica Investigacion y Desarrollo SA Unipersonal (E), The University of Reading (GB), Universität Paderborn (D)


 Siegfried Bublitz, C-LAB
Project website: http://www.hydramiddleware.eu/ http://bisgrid.d-grid.de/