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DySCAS - Dynamically Self-Configuring Automotive Systems

Future application scenarios for electronic vehicle systems include simultaneous access to a number of mobile devices that build ad-hoc networks with the built-in devices and utilize network-based services. Due to the nature of automotive systems (simple intuitive interfaces which are highly integrated with the car environment), there is a strong need to provide a platform that is capable of hiding the inherent complexity of the system from the user whilst nevertheless enabling advanced features and making optimal use of resources as and when they become available. This imposes very high demands on the configurational flexibility and scalability of the systems which cannot be fulfilled by current state-of-the-art vehicle electronic architectures. The DySCAS project will develop or adapt basic mechanisms and concepts for the dynamic reconfiguration of systems, ranging from algorithms for run-time configuration, middleware solutions, to basic software implementation technologies, e.g. operating systems and communication networks. DySCAS will also provide architectural patterns for a layered software architecture suitable for deployment in automotive control systems that supports the generic provision of self-management behaviours which include self-configuration, self-healing, self optimisation, and self protection. The DySCAS results will be validated through the implementation of demonstrator applications to showcase features such as automatic discovery of new devices, software download, and software relocation. The C-LAB will deal with the load balancing in the context of the DySCAS project within the infotainment net of a vehicle. Therefore, already existing scheduling strategies must be adapted and if necessary new developed. Addtionally, real time requirements of the application to be distributed and the reconfiguration must be considered. In addition the C-LAB will use the achieved results for the education of students. The experiences collected from DySCAS, respective evaluation of suitable technologies, principles and basic technologies, and methods and methodologies for self-configurable systems will furthermore influence research and education activities.

Project funded by: EU STREP
Project duration: 07/2006 - 12/2008
Project parttners: Volvo Technology AB (S), Daimler Chrysler AG (D), ENEA Embedded Technology AB (S), Robert Bosch GmbH (D), University of Greenwich (GB), Universität Paderborn (D), Kungliga Tekniska Hoegskolan (S), Zealcore Embedded Solutions AB (S), Movimento Group AB (S)
Contact: C-LAB
Cecilia Ekelin (Coordinator), VTEC (Volvo Technology AB), Schweden