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VERDE - VERification-oriented & component-based model Driven Engineering for real-time embedded systems

With rising complexity of software-intense real-time embedded systems, the conception of these systems is facing ever new challenges. At the same time, demands for quality and lower time-to-market are rising at high speed. Especially applications across domains are expected to have real-time capable embedded software that implement complex tasks and function at higher percentages. In this, functional as well as strictly non-functional guidelines for performance, power consumption, etc., must be met.

The project VERDE defines a methodic framework for iterative, incremental, verification-oriented models of component based hardware and software architecture. Customized interfaces are defined, which allow integration and adaption of tools for tests and analysis to fulfill domain-specific demands. Therefore, we created an open framework, which is not only flexible to adapt further application domains, such as automobiles, but also open to include necessary tools. The result is the possibility to use optimized, domain-specific tool chains using domain-spanning tools and component models. 

In order to achieve this, no completely new method of analysis will be developed. The focus lies rather on the integration of existing tools and, if necessary, the adaption of analysis methods on application domains, whose demands could not yet be sufficiently regarded. In this case, aerospace, automobiles, software-defined radio, and rail vehicle systems are the addressed application domains.

Project funded by: BMBF (ITEA project)
Project duration: 10/2010 bis 11/2012

Project partners: 

ABB Norway, Alstom Transport, CEA-LIST, EADS Astrium, FhG Fokus, FZI, GEENSYS, ICT-Norway, Infineon, itemis, OBEO, Bosch, ScopeSET, Simula Research Lab, SINTEF, Smartesting, Thales, Universität paderborn, WesternGeco


Dr. Wolfgang Müller, C-LAB