SIRENA - Service Infrastructure for Real-time Embedded Networked Applications

The SIRENA project intends to create a service-oriented framework for specifying and developing distributed applications in diverse real-time embedded computing environments, including industrial automation, automotive electronics, home automation and telecommunications systems. Though being very diverse, these domains have a lot in common, which will be handled in a joint approach in SIRENA. 

This service framework will give leverage to the widespread emergence of Internet and Web standards as the standard technology for the networking of ever more powerful embedded devices. XML technology will be used extensively to enable platform-neutral data representation and exchange, in particular for describing the services provided by devices and applications. 

The project will build on existing technologies with related objectives (such as UPnP, ISO XML device descriptions), each of which does not fulfil the full spectrum of functionality SIRENA intends to address. The main project innovation will be to propose a unified, cross-domain, platform-neutral framework for describing services provided by devices and applications and for interacting with such services. The service description model to be elaborated by SIRENA is expected to combine existing standards and to extend their reach. The technology to be developed by SIRENA will provide a high-level design base, reducing the cost and time of new device and application developments and enhancing their interoperability and upgradeability. The SIRENA framework is based on Web Services.

Project funded by: BMBF within the EUREKA-Initiative of the international ITEA-Project
Project duration: 10/2003 - 03/2006
Project partners: Schneider Electric (F), EADS Telecom (F), Cap Gemini (F), Siemens AG (D), Universität Paderborn (D), Universität Rostock (D), Universität Dortmund (D), iXtronics GmbH (D), Materna GmbH Informations & Communications (D), Fraunhofer First (D), ESC GmbH & Co. KG (D), Traveltrainer GmbH & Co. KG (D), INVERNA GmbH (D), Robotiker (E), ZIV (E)
Contact: Rainer Glaschick, C-LAB