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HiQoS - High-Performance Multimedia Services with Quality-of-Service Guarantees

The goal of HiQoS (High-Performance Multimedia Services with Quality-of-Service Guarantees) is the implementation of platforms supporting high-performance net-based multimedia services, their corresponding development in form of prototypes, and their corresponding evaluation in real-world industrial applications. These services are characterized by the integration of high-quality streamed media and physically-based animation, based on standard Internet technology. For the implementation of these services the following two approaches are particularly emphasized: 

  • physically-based rendering using parallel computers
  • facilitating "Quality-of-Service (QoS)" guarantees in a network of multimedia servers

Project funded by: BMBF
Project duration: 05/1998 - 04/2001
Project partners: Siemens (D), APE Ptacek Engineering (D), Axcent, Pixelpark (D), IEZ (D), GPO, UPSTART! (D), Universität Paderborn (D)
Contact: Matthias Niemeyer, C-LAB

Project Website: