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GRASP - GRAphical Specification and Real-Time Verification for Production Automation Systems

GRASP (GRAphical Specification and Real-Time Verification for Production Automation Systems) integrates MFERT with visual representations and formal means for system verification. MFERT (Model der FERTigung) is a graphical language and methodology for the description and analysis of product information systems. For analysis, GRASP focuses on model checking integrating the RAVEN real-time model checker and embedding it into a graphical environment with 3D animation for virtual prototyping. 
Beyond the integration, the project develops abstractions of temporal logics formulae in order to provide more intuitive specification means for designers who have no or little experience with model checking.

Project funded by: DFG
Project duration: 10/1998 - 09/2004
Project partners: University of Paderborn (Heinz Nixdorf Institut) (D), Universität Tübingen (D)
Contact: Dr. Wolfgang Müller, C-LAB