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IMMOS - Integrated Method for Model-based Control Unit Development

Aim of the research project IMMOS is the definition of an integrated method for the model-based development of electronic control units (ECUs). This method will merge existing model-based techniques, especially model-based requirement engineering, model-based code generating, and the model-based test, to one uniform development method. 

The project focuses on the automotive systems design, i.e. the software development of automotive control units. The approach to be developed will be tested in an automotive application in an industrial case study to demonstrate its feasibility.

Within the IMMOS project, C-LAB works on the topic of a universal method focusing on the application of the classification-tree-method for the model-based test of control units as well as the development of a platform-independent test exchange format based on XML (TestML).

Project funded by: BMBF
Project duration: 01/2004 - 06/2006
Project partners: DaimlerChrysler AG (D), dSPACE GmbH (D), IT Power Consultants (D), Fraunhofer FIRST (D), FZI/Universität Karlsruhe (D), Universität Paderborn (D)
Contact: Dr. Wolfgang Müller, C-LAB