C-LAB presented RFID based Triage at the Interschutz

C-LAB successfully presented the solution <link http: www.c-lab.de typo3 en research-projects sogro index.html _top internal-link internal link in current>RFID based triage, a result of the nationally funded R+D project <link http: www.c-lab.de typo3 en research-projects sogro index.html _top internal-link internal link in current>SOGRO, at the Interschutz in Hanover.

The <link http: www.interschutz.de homepage_d>Interschutz takes place every 5 years. The whole world market offer concerning rescue, fire-/civil protection and safety is presented here. 

With C-LAB's RFID based triage, the <link http: de.wikipedia.org wiki triage>Triage of injured people at accidents (e. g. air crash, terrorist attacks, etc.) is significantly reduced. Thus, injured people can be taken to hospital much faster which saves lives. The visitors were highly interested in the solution RFID based triage.

At mass casualty incidents with hundreds of injured people - e. g. air crash or terrorist attacks - every second counts to save lives and to avoid damages to the injured health. Here, the first phase called triage is critical where the injured are classified in terms of emergency categories. Today, this is done by doctors or emergency personnel filling out casualty record cards with the most important information (condition of the injured, given drugs, etc.). With this method it is very difficult to get a comprehensive overview on the number and severity of the injuries of single persons. C-LAB's solution replaces the paper based method by the electronic RFID based triage. All important data of the patients are saved on wristbands with RFID chips. These wristbands can be written and read with robust PDAs carried by every doctor and emergency personnel. The application software of the PDAs can be used intuitionally. The recorded triage information is wirelessly sent to the triage DataCenter and is immediately available to the rescue center/control room. Thus the control room gets an overview of the catastrophe in real-time. The paper based method has not offered this opportunity so far.

This autumn the RFID based triage will again be tested at a mass casualty incident practice with about 500 injured at the Frankfurt Airport. A smaller practice in autumn 2009 showed that the time for triage could be reduced by half. The handling of the PDAs was described as easy and without problems by the emergency personnel.

C-LAB will now integrate RFID based triage into the control room solution <link http: www.buildingtechnologies.siemens.com bt global en security siveillance-els-web pages siveillance-els-web.aspx>ELS-Web by Siemens.

RFID based triage is being developed within the research project <link http: www.c-lab.de typo3 de forschungsprojekte sogro index.html _top internal-link internal link in current>SOGRO funded by the BMBF (Federal Ministry for Education and Research).


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