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C-LAB Open Source

Open source has become an integral part within the development of software. The benefits of open source software is undisputed.
C-LAB will support this and provide its own developments to the public as open source.

2011-10-11 | VideoConference Service

The VC Service is an OSGi based service that offers easy audio- and video- conferencing via network. It has been developed within the OSAmI project.

VideoConference Service (VC-Service)

2011-06-28 | VKC - Virtual Knowledge Center

VKC offers a web-based collaborative platform to share documents in categories to build a knowledge-based structure with indexing and classification capabilities.


2010-05-27 | ContextStore

The ContextStore is a collection of OSGi services providing a persistent management of ContextEvents. Services implementing the handler interface are automatically detected and linked to the context store and can act as source or consumer of ContextEvents.