AcRoSS - equip­ment for im­ple­men­tig Aug­men­ted-Real­ity-based product-ser­vice-sys­tems

Facing the increasing adjustment of products regarding quality and technology in the course of the globalization, organizations complement their physical market performance in the course of supplemental services to differ from others on the open market. This service-orientation leads to a paradigm change: the typical product and component business is redeemed by system solutions with individualized services. In consequence of the advanced digitalization of the economy, which provides the combination of products and services to innovative product-service-systems, the development is rumped up.

A technology with significant potential for development of services is the computer-based reality enhancement by Augmented Reality (AR). With the recent progress in technology there are now sufficient powerful end devices available that allow a reasonable application of mobile AR-solutions in the industrial context. The application of AR allows to support multi-class tasks e.g. in the quality management, implementing and servicing by the enhancement with the context-sensitive information. Applying this technology via AR-devices (e.g. tablet, AR-glasses) not only statistics are applied but a bi-directional communication between the system and the user is build. Regarding the rather high development effort, the potential to participate from AR is hindered especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB).

In the resulting conflict between the increasing service-orientation and the innovative possibilities by AR-technologies an organization needs to know how to develop the potential to use the AR-based product-service-systems efficient and methodical. Regarding this question the superior goal is to find equipment for implementing AR-based product-service-systems. Verified AR-components (e.g. for position control, gesture control) should get configurated to individualized AR-based services on a platform with minimal effort. Accordingly also SMB get the possibility to enhance their product portfolio by AR-based services and to develop innovative product-service-systems. This always takes place in consideration of the effect on the business process, the product design and the business model.

AcRoSS is a cooperative project, sponsored by BMWi ( (support code: 01MD16016C) in the technology program „Smart Service Welt“.

Project funded by: BMWi
Project duration: 03/2016 - 02/2019
Associated Partners: Frauenhofer-Einrichtung für Entwurfstechnik Mechatronik IEM (Konsortialführer), Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI-Labor) TU Berlin, Atos IT Solutions and Services GmbH, Krause-Biagosch GmbH
Contact: Gudrun Tschirner-Vinke, Atos C-LAB, Projektleiter
Project-Website: AcRoSS