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Our Offer

Here you can find a list of our current topics:

  • (Self-) Managed Systems
  • Cloud Computing
  • Remote Services
  • Smart Mobility
  • Embedded Systems
  • Sustainability
  • Usability / User Centered Design
  • Semantic Web / Web 2.0
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation Management
  • Safety, Security, Privacy

Range of Services

Here you can find an overview of the topics which we currently deal with. Also, you get a summary of our offers like services, training and advanced training, and research on demand.
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Our Approach

The creation of successful solutions is determined by a variety of legal, logistic, psychological, cultural and technical requirements that affect all levels - the technologies, the business processes and the user processes.
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C-LAB Open Source

Open source has become an integral part within the development of software. The benefits of open source software is undisputed.
C-LAB will support this and provide its own developments to the public as open source.
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