C-LAB Reports

C-LAB irregularly publishes Reports about current topics from the area of information technology and its fields of application since 2002.


2011-06-30 | Pattern-based Interaction Concepts

During the creation of a knowledge platform meaningful and understandable navigation and interaction concepts have to be worked out to visualise the knowledge. Thus users are able to simply follow and explore the meaning of the knowledge. ... [more about the report]


2011-06-30 | A Concept of a Timeline Browser for Exploring Comprehensive and Wide Spread Data

This C-LAB report introduces a concept of a timeline browser for exploring comprehensive and wide spread data. The three-staged interactive concept was originated within the THESEUS research program, which has been funded by the German Ministry of Economy and Technology. ... [more about the report]


2011-06-30 | Concepts for a Community-Based Knowledge Management in the Face of Enterprise 2.

Due to the successful evolution of the classical Internet of the 1990s into a Web 2.0 characterized by interactive applications, online communities and social networks, several innovative companies have started integrating Social Software and community-based concepts into their intranets. ... [more about the report]


2011-06-11 | Relations between Ontology Properties

Ontologies are a central instrument for modelling and processing of knowledge by computer systems. Ontologies describe the domain of concept of a problem area by using classes, objects and properties. ... [more about the report]


2011-04-13 | OSGi WireAdminService in practice

The OSGi platform is a software system that enables the creation of dynamic modules (bundles) and services via a component model, including its version control. These bundles are usually built as services: The details of the implementation are hidden from other bundles, only the service interface is published and placed in the ServiceRegistry. ... [more about the report]


2010-12-08 | Procedures for the modeling of board level optical interconnections towards time efficient simulations

The progressive development of new hard- and software applications leads to an increase in the amount of data to be processed and to a constantly rising need in bandwidth. To be able to efficiently process these data more powerful systems of information and communication technologies are needed. The performance of these systems is determined by its individual components and by the bus systems connecting the components. One can foresee that in the future the performance of the systems will be limited by these bus systems. To get rid of this bottleneck board level optical interconnections are introduced ... [more about the report]


2010-05-06 | Learning and imitation in heterogeneous robot group

As robots become increasingly affordable, they are used in ever more diverse areas in order to perform increasingly complex tasks. These tasks are typically preprogrammed by a human expert. In some cases, however, this is not feasible - either because of the inherent complexity of the task itself or ... [more about the report]


2010-03-31 | Exchange of Information between mobile Members

As part of the project "Robot2Business", funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics, solutions for the integration of mobile members into business processes are developed. There are two industrial partners in the project, who bring in use case scenarios, the IT service company "CADsys Vertriebs- und Entwicklungs GmbH" and the agricultural machinery manufacturer "CLAAS Selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen GmbH". This report deals with two basic services, which are essential for the top goal (integration of mobile machines into business processes) and which arose from the use case scenarios of CLAAS. ... [more about the report]


2010-03-17 | Emotional aspects of human-robot interaction and their implementation in behavior-based systems

Since emotional competence is an important factor in human communication, it will certainly also improve communication between humans and robots or other machines. In our everyday life many services formerly provided by humans are now fulfilled by machines. ... [more about the report]


2010-01-22 | Open Innovation and other forms of organization to perform innovation projects

The success of many companies is based on long-term research and development (R + D), which is integrated in an innovation strategy. There exist different forms of organization to perform innovation projects. ... [more about the report]


2009-12-11 | Process Modeling with the Eclipse Process Framework

Today's development of modern information systems is under considerable strain of coping with rapidly increasing complexity at competitive prices. Efficient and powerful development processes are essential for success. Processes have to be highly specialized in their respective domain ... [more about the report]


2009-11-09 | Systematic Model-in-the-Loop Test of Embedded Control Systems

Current model-based development processes offer new opportunities for verification automation, e.g., in automotive development. The duty of functional verification is the detection of design flaws. Current functional system verification approaches exhibit a major gap between requirement definition ... [more about the report]


2009-10-30 | Events, contexts, and incidents Architecture concepts

Reactive and proactive systems rely on efficient handling of internal data and the timely notification of changes in components. This short report explains the concepts for the processing of such notifications in software systems and components and presents a concept of managing higher level state information as contexts and their relation to incidents which are the basis for intelligent autonomous systems and advanced management functionality. ... [more about the report]


2009-09-28 | Computer aided design of board-level optical interconnects

Novel prototype design and simulation tools are introduced to provide CAD support for board-level optical interconnects. Two ray optical simulation techniques based on hybrid ray tracing are presented and their capability are demonstrated for selected examples of use.  ... [more about the report]


2009-09-25 | Locating RFID Tags

Determing the position of RFID tags based on signals captured at RFID readers can be done by several methods.  Assuming mobile tags moving in an area where  stationary readers are located, ... [more about the report]


2009-03-25 | Embedded Systems as a Means to Develop Customer Solutions in Value Creation Networks

Adding services such as maintenance services to a product is not a new business strategy. Solutions or product-service-systems however are highly integrated combinations of products and services. Embedded systems can create service interfaces to products and help to create solutions.... [more about the report]


2009-01-12 | Using the PLASTIC Middleware for the Creation of Context-aware, Adaptive Mobile Services

Affordable and highly available ubiquitous communcation systems nowadays facilitate the broad deployment of mobile services. The development of such services by utilising advanced (so called Beyond 3G) networks was targeted by the PLASTIC project which was supported by C-LAB together with other renown partners in field. ... [more about the report]


2008-06-10 | Computer aided design and simulation of board-level optical interconnects

Board-level optical interconnects based on integrated multimode dielectric waveguides are a promising technology for future high-speed communication on printed circuit boards. The basic idea is to integrate highly multimode optical channel waveguides in conventional electric circuit  ... [more about the report]


2007-12-19 | Simulation with abstract RTOS models in SystemC

Complex control oriented embedded systems with hard real-time constraints require real-time operation system (RTOS) for predictable timing behavior. Selecting the correct scheduling strategy is essential. ... [more about the report]


2007-06-05 | Context Processing on the basis of RFID during the Mobile Maintenance of Complex Products

To work faster, safer and more cost-efficient is the declared goal, not only when it comes to the maintenance of air-planes. Maintenance work not only has to be fast, but also thorough and error-free. Qualified staff is needed in order to find the right maintenance procedure. The components have to be analyzed and the right procedure identified. To find the right procedure takes time, time that the technician could have spent with the maintenance of other parts. [more about the report]


2006-04-12 | Market Study Concerning Business Process Monitoring within SME

The new C-LAB report "Marktstudie zum Monitoring von Geschäftsprozessen im Mittelstand" (Market Study concerning the monitoring of operation processes in the SME) may now be downloaded for free (only in German). It examines advantages of monitoring, esp. for SME, if the right preconditions are met by SME and the development of the market for monitoring tools. [more about the report]


2006-04-06 | Evaluation of XML-RPC Interoperability between the .NET and JAVA Framework

This paper evaluates XML-RPC regarding throughput and performance connecting JAVA and .NET client and server components using available open-source libraries. ... [more about the report]


2005-03-01 | Innovation Management - An Overview and some Best Practices

Innovation is being turned to by business and political leaders as a miracle cure, allowing companies and economies to stay competitive in ever changing world markets. For all of the talk about the importance of innovation, innovation management and creativity in business, the topics are hardly generally well understood. This paper seeks to provide a broad view of innovation, innovation management, creativity, and best practices. ...  [more about the report]

2005-01-02 | Accessibility Design - Opportunity and Challenge for Businesses

The terms "Design for All", "Accessibility Design", "Accessibility", and "Universal Design" aim at the same - however from different points of view: The basic usability of everyday products even for people with limited abilites, especially handicapped and elderly people. Thus this requirement applies to all products and services that people with limited abilities come into contact with. ... Please note: Unfortunately, this report is only available in german. [more about the report]

2005-01-01 | Augmented Reality - Information at Focus

Quick access to the right information at the right time and its efficient presentation gains more and more importance i. e. at business fairs, when presenting new products, or in edutainment areas like the tourism sector, due to the amount of digital information sources. Augmented Reality technology offers an innovative possibility... [more about the report]


2004-04-02 | What is Ambient Intelligence - AmI?

Recently the area of information and communication technology (ICT) was flooded with numerous new terms, whose definition and approach according to different authors is reviewed in this report. These terms (ubiquitous/ pervasive/ nomadic computing) - as is shown later - relate to the above key concept, which is further explained within this report. Please note: Unfortunately, this report is available in german only. ... [more about the report]


2004-02-02 | Integrating Jalopy Code Formatting in CVS Repositories

This report documents the steps necessary to integrate a tool into formatting while checking in new documents and source code. ... [more about the report]


2003-04-01 | How to Develop Successful and Consumer-Orientated New Mobile and Online Services?

An analysis of critical factors for success, today's problems, general trends and future fields of work. Many of today's applications are technically very sophisticated, but have no success on the market. The reason for this is quite simple, but has a deep influence on how to develop a new service. ... [more about the report]