2009-03-25 | Embedded Systems as a Means to Develop Customer Solutions in Value Creation Networks

Adding services such as maintenance services to a product is not a new business strategy. Solutions or product-service-systems however are highly integrated combinations of products and services. Solutions satisfy complex and individual customer needs.Embedded systems are special-purpose computer systems that consist of hardware, software, sensors and actuators. They process information and can take decisions autonomously. Hence they can create service interfaces to products and help to create solutions. The report shows examples of solutions based upon embedded systems for the automotive and energy industry as well as the health care sector.

Frequently solutions are to complex to be created by one enterprise alone. Therefore the report will focus not only on the possibilities and challenges of a single company but also deal with the success factors of enterprise value-chain networks. 

Authors:Sven Ahlheid, Dr. Gernot Gräfe, Florian Röhr, Siemens AG, C-LAB
Release:Vol. 8 (2009) No. 02

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