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2011-06-30 | A Concept of a Timeline Browser for Exploring Comprehensive and Wide Spread Data

This C-LAB report introduces a concept of a timeline browser for exploring comprehensive and wide spread data.

The three-staged interactive concept was originated within the THESEUS research program, which has been funded by the German Ministry of Economy and Technology (BMWi, grant number 01MQ07014). It is meant as an alternative to zoom concepts, which also aim to show time-related information. The concept can be used to present time-based data with varying densities on timelines in an adequatly way. During the creation extra attention was payed on usability aspects.

Authors:Markus Specker, Ingo Pöhler, Alexander Krebs, Siemens IT Solutions and Services GmbH
Release:Vol. 10 (2011) No. 04

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