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2009-11-09 | Systematic Model-in-the-Loop Test of Embedded Control Systems

Current model-based development processes offer new opportunities for verification automation, e.g., in automotive development. The duty of functional verification is the detection of design flaws. Current functional system verification approaches exhibit a major gap between requirement definition and formal  property definition, especially when analog signals are involved.

Besides lack of methodical support for natural language formalization, there does not exist a standardized and accepted means for formal property definition as a target for verification planning. This report addresses several shortcomings of embedded system verification. An Enhanced Classification Tree Method is developed based on the established Classification Tree Method for Embeded Systems CTM/ES. It applies an actual hardware verification language to define and control a verification environment.

Authors:Alexander Krupp, Universität Paderborn, C-LAB
Release:Vol. 8 (2009) No. 05

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