2007-06-05 | Context Processing on the basis of RFID during the Mobile Maintenance of Complex Products

To work faster, safer and more cost-efficient is the declared goal, not only when it comes to the maintenance of air-planes.

Maintenance work not only has to be fast, but also thorough and error-free. Qualified staff is needed in order to find the right maintenance procedure. The components have to be analyzed and the right procedure identified. To find the right procedure takes time, time that the technician could have spent with the maintenance of other parts.

Processes that have become ever more complex over the years have to be simplified and administered better so as to work cost-effective. With the development of RFID and the technological implementation of a context-processing system, services for the execution of processes in mobile environments and here particularly with regards to maintenance work can be implemented.

Every maintenance component has a RFID tag that is read by a RFID scanner. Hereupon the system uses the context-data to search the location and correct maintenance procedure, including all necessary working steps. The information is then sent to the PDA of maintenance worker. The technician is hence able to focus on his actual tasks.

This C-LAB report conveys an insight to the world of context processing on the basis of RFID during the mobile maintenance of complex products. It introduces the necessary hard- and software and explains its systems and functionalities.

Authors:Frank Berger, Heinz-Josef Eikerling, Matthias Benesch
Release:Vol. 6 (2007) No. 01

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