Vir­tu­al Know­ledge Cen­ter (VKC)

It is essential for companies to save documents in a structured and hierarchical manor. In case of external partners there is a must to share documents among locally distributed working groups.

VKC offers a web-based collaborative platform to share documents in categories to build a knowledge-based structure with indexing and classification capabilities.

VKC provides fine grained access control for documents and categories. Besides normal search mechanisms VKC offers virtual categories where documents are
displayed from several other categories based on a user defined query on document attributes.

VKC addresses primarily small and medium sized business instances and is an alternative for big-sized enterprise or flat document management tools.

VKC is implemented with JavaServerPages/Servlets technology and acts as application inside a web application container.


Current version: 5.1.0

Changes in current version

The version 5.1.0 is the basis version for the open source release.

Open Source License

This package is licensed under the EUPL 1.1

Language / Enviroment

At least JAVA 1.5, TOMCAT 5.5.x


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VKC Winzip (142 MByte)

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VKC 7zip (70 MByte)

Email: Johannes Plaßmann