C-LAB Open Source

The VC Service is an OSGi based service that offers easy audio- and video- conferencing via network. It has been developed within the OSAmI project.

The service provides a full audio- and video- conferencing system that includes capturing, encoding, decoding, streaming and rendering media data and it takes also the responsibility for creating RTP sessions between local participants. In addition it provides methods that affect audio and video quality with respect to Quality of Service (QOS) issues.


Current version: 1.0

Changes in current version

The version 1.0 is the basis version for the open source release.

Open Source License

This package is licensed under the GPL v3

Language / Enviroment

Java 6 / OSGi R4.1


VideoConference Service (full version, aprox. 11 MB)

Email: Florian Klompmaker