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Research on Demand

C-LAB offers a variety of options to do third-party research assignments. Our portfolio ranges from the supervision of bachelor- or master-theses in the thematic fields of C-LAB up to exclusive commissioned research.

Typically, we define the problem in close interaction with the customer, investigate the current state of science and technology in the relevant research area and go on to find an appropriate solution by mapping the problem. If possible, the mapping is based on existing approaches, otherwise by developing new specific concepts. Finally our findings will be evaluated and documented.

The actual configuration of the research work depends on the specific agreement made with the customer. Thus our work can be limited to certain parts of the process outlined above or single steps may vary.

Specific kinds of assignment can result in different levels of confidentiality and exclusiveness. The bachelor- and master-theses are generally open to internal university members, but with regard to confidential enterprise information may stay anonymous. In the case of contract research we guarantee the highest degree of confidentiality and protection of exclusiveness.