User Processes

The user orientation of a product, a service or a website is a decisive factor in its success, because these days, the only solutions that survive on the market are those that contribute to users' satisfaction and offer them effective and efficient support.

C-LAB employs two different approaches in its quest for lasting improvements in quality of use:

Product-oriented approach:
Analyzing the usage context of existing solutions and evaluating the product's fitness for use. Expert reviews and usability tests often generate specific suggestions for improvement, and these offer a good starting point for a continual process of improving the usability of a software package or a website.

Process-oriented approach:
In order to create products with lasting and reliable quality, it is necessary to modify the manufacturing process. User-centered design (UCD) broadens the development process throughout the analysis, conceptual design and testing phases to take in the user's point of view.
In addition it is essential to ensure that IT systems can also be used by special groups of people such as the elderly and those with disabilities. This system accessibility is of increasing importance, because IT systems now constitute a sizeable proportion not only of our working environments but also our social lives.

In the context of C-LAB's fields of expertise

The user and his or her role within the business process must be able to function effectively and efficiently. And should receive optimal support from technology.