Technological developments of recent years have led to a plethora of functionalities. Services are related to individual situations and locations and are made available to users at any time and in any place in a multitude of applications and systems.

C-LAB's areas of technical expertise facilitate services that are

  • innovative,
  • mobile,
  • personalized and
  • context-related

and are implemented as distributed, networked and generally web-based solutions.

Specific fields of competence include:

  • dedicated embedded systems,
  • augmented and virtual reality, and
  • knowledge management.

Here, the need for security, safety and privacy plus scalability, reliability and flexibility are of particular significance for the technical design.
One vision for meeting current and future challenges is organic computing, in which systems' self-organizing capabilities take the place of conventional architectures.

In the context of C-LAB's fields of expertise

Opening up new possibilities, making existing ones more efficient and replacing outdated ones: technologies are the drivers of progress that enable us to exploit new potential in business and user processes. And conversely, process optimization is a powerful driving force for technological development.