Business Processes

The term "business processes" includes all the procedures and interactions that take place within companies and institutions.

These processes are now more complex than ever and need to be able to react flexibly to changing requirements both within the organization and outside it. At the same time, they must be increasingly secure and increasingly efficient - and this applies not just to tool-supported processes but also to semiautomatic and fully automatic ones.

Business processes are in a period of transition. The sea-change in orientation from products through systems to solutions and the change in structures that govern value creation both have ramifications at several levels.

C-LAB has a differentiated view of the factors that determine various processes. Alongside the specific subject matter of our current work, we give considerable thought to the development of suitable process methodologies.

Basic structures:
Market models, value-creation processes, business models, integrated product-oriented and service-oriented concepts

Special domains:
Collaboration, product creation processes, innovation processes, R&D transfer processes

Different methodologies:
Reference modeling, metrology concepts for innovative products and services, benchmarking, workshop concepts

Special individual aspects:
Information quality, profit models

In the context of C-LAB's fields of expertise
The processes used in companies and institutions determine the context for the user and also the necessary technology. The analysis and design of business processes are therefore central drivers for the formulation of solutions.