SMART EM – cross-domain simulation of market models for an effective electro mobility infrastructure

A successful introduction and diffusion of electric mobility depends heavily on progress and technical innovations in the fields of energy storage, vehicle, and powertrain. Increasing the range of electric vehicles through optimized energy management is of major importance. In addition, intelligent infrastructure solutions as well as viable business and market models, which account for the interests of the various stakeholders (e.g., consumers, service providers, car manufacturers, utilities), are key to the success of electric mobility. It is necessary to see electric mobility as a new and holistic mobility paradigm.

In this project, suitable business and market models as well as infrastructures that allow for a sustainable and economically viable electric mobility will be identified. For this, the relevant aspects of the value networks of the industries involved in electric mobility and elaborated scenarios will be mapped into a cross-domain model, a model which will then be analyzed, simulated and mathematically optimized. The project focus is on private transport. In particular, the effects of technological developments on user and system behavior will be analyzed, thereby taking into account the necessary traffic, energy and ICT infrastructures (e.g., mobility concepts, grid management, dynamic pricing, identification and billing).

Project results include an integrated simulation model, promising market and business models which will be derived from the simulation model, as well as a concept for and prototypic implementation of software components for an intelligent charging, grid, and ICT infrastructure. The results will provide an important foundation for the design of future field studies as well as for the creation of an electric mobility simulation center.

C-LAB is involved in this project with the development of a traffic simulation environment for the examination of electro mobility infrastructure. Here, not only vehicle but also person specific aspects are supposed to be considered to identify sustainable market models by means of user acceptance. Furthermore, C-LAB is undertaking the development of a comprehensive economic model to capture cost/use factors of electro mobility as well as simulation based derivation of optimal business and market models.

Project funded by: NRW/EU
Project duration: 03/2013 – 06/2015
Project partners: E.ON Westfalen Weser AG, Morpho Cards GmbH, Orga Systems GmbH, UNITY AG, Universität Paderborn (C-LAB - Cooperative Computing & Communication Laboratory, DS&OR – Decision Support & Operations Research, IM&EF – Information Management & E-Finance, PC² – Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing, s-lab – Software Quality Lab)
Contact: Dr. Bernd Kleinjohann, C-LAB