goBerlin - Marketplace for reliable services in companies and administrations - "Trusted Cloud"

The project goBerlin provides a safe and reliable cloud-based marketplace with services for citizens, companies and administrations. It enables its users to cooperate within public and associated commercial services.
With enhancements of current and the implementation of new processes, medium-sized companies are integrated as both user and provider of (IT-)services in eGovernment added value chains.

The start of this cooperative services platform provides a huge economic potential for companies and administrations. Based on already existing cloud-infrastructures of the public IT-contractor ITDZ Berlin, the project utilizes reusable basic technologies (platform services) and creates new specific applications as software service offers for the service platform. These are provided to middle-sized companies and communes. goBerlin therefore establishes a development platform for innovative apps that helps in all circumstances. 

In addition to technical cloud-aspects, goBerlin also addresses issues concerning the realization of the project, such as legal, business and organisational challenges. Cooperative processes in administration, companies and development of new business areas are of high importance to the project.
Within the test phase, exemplary integrated service offers will be created in order to support the event of house moving of citizens with the help of the eID-function of the nPA. The instigation of a developer and user platform community in order to further develop the service marketplace plays a substantial role in realization of the project. Interconnecting the consortium partners in Germany's IT-landscape helps secure the transferability of the project's results.

Project funded by: BMWi
Project duration: 01/2012 bis 06/2014

Project partners: 

IT-Dienstleistungszentrum Berlin, Atos, Senatsverwaltung für Inneres und Sport, HSH Kommunalsoftware, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft FOKUS und ISST, Immobilien Scout GmbH (associated partner)


Siegfried Bublitz, C-LAB, Project manager