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2006-04-12 | Market Study Concerning Business Process Monitoring within SME

This C-LAB report "Marktstudie zum Monitoring von Geschäftsprozessen im Mittelstand" (Market Study concerning the monitoring of operation processes in SME) examines advantages of business monitoring for users and providers. Users are enterprises that use monitoring tools for their business processes. With regards to the providers, the market for such business monitoring tools is being analyzed. Technological details however will not be included in this analysis.

The advantages of monitoring business processes will be set out. Here, special emphasis will be placed on Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME). For these enterprises the monitoring of business processes offers advantages such as increase in productivity and cost reduction. The usage of these tools however, also presents a challenge. For that reason the report analyses whether or not the prerequisites for the usage of business processes monitoring software are met in SME.

Finally, the report shows the market development for business monitoring software solutions.

Authors:Dr. Gernot Graefe, Siemens Business Services GmbH & Co OHG, C-LAB; Jiayin Hang, Siemens Business Services GmbH & Co OHG, C-LAB; Dr. Gerd Kachel, kachel GmbH
Release:Vol. 5 (2006) No. 02

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